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Critical MASS for eliminating health disparities seeks to be a catalyst for the mobilization of a sustainable, statewide effort to accelerate the elimination of racial and ethnic health disparities in Massachusetts. We must educate consumers and communities about health disparities.

Like others, our state lacks a plan to eliminate racial and ethnic health disparities.

This must change.




Critical MASS is a state-wide coalition focused on the elimination of health disparities in Massachusetts.  We seek to:

  • Build a statewide, multicultural network to advance the elimination of racial & ethnic health disparities;
  • Develop a clearinghouse for current research and practice initiatives related to the reduction of health disparities;
  • Create a statewide, strategic planning process for the reduction of health disparities.

What makes Critical MASS different?

  • We work with both public and private partners to create community change
  • We work within the existing regional networks established by the Executive Office of Health and Human Services to create regional action plans
  • We take a holistic approach to eliminating health disparities, rather than focusing on a specific disease



Critical MASS c/o CCHERS | 716 Columbus Avenue, Suite 398 | Boston, MA 02118
Tel: 617-373-5787 | Fax: 617-373-8797

Critical MASS is a program of CCHERS. Inc.
Center for Community Health, Education, Research and Service